Friday, June 02, 2006


Beware of Fake FSBO Seminars

This website illustrates a tactic listing agents sometimes use to "convert" FSBOs: offer useless advice and make the FSBO process seem so complicated that they'll give up.

The website is pitched at real estate agents who want to be "FSBO Warriors." The author offers to teach the agents how to host FSBO seminars. At the seminars, Warriors are supposed to give each attendee a free book entitled "Guerrilla Tactics for Selling Your Home. Save the Commission! And Make an Extra $50,000 to $100,000." The $50,000 to $100,000 in expected savings is, of course, unrealistic for the vast majority of FSBO sellers, but the author says this:

The statement that the homeowner could make $50,000 - $100,000 or MORE definitely gets their "greed button" going. In other words, the seminar must be exciting and shrouded in "mystery."
The author then reveals the true purpose of the seminars:

At the end of the seminar, you can offer the attendees a $1,000 Investor Package. Many of the people who come to your seminar will be investors and they are always looking for new and exciting systems for real estate investing. Don't worry ... I know what I am doing. All of these are hooks and bait for sellers, buyers, and investors. As I stated earlier, because I used to hold seminars for sellers - not for buyers, I know what will happen.

Next, create a mailing list of all the attendees ... these are your future home sellers, your future listings! Be sure you build the best relationship you can with them. Why?

They'll be listing with you - IF you play your cards right. You must be in constant contact with your list by mail and/or by e-mail. They may even come to your seminar several times. You want them to buy the book - that's very important.

Why? First of all, the book contains your contact information. So, if they have your book, they will be reminded of you and you will be first on their minds. Second, the book contains a ton of information - some of it puzzling to FSBOs.

Remember, "the book is the hook." If you don't sell books, you'll have NO hooks! You cannot do one thing and not the other.

  • This is the perfect mousetrap for your future business ...
  • The FSBOs will need your expertise!
  • They will be willing to pay 7% commission for your knowledge!
  • Why? Because you will make MORE money for them than any other agent!
  • That's the scoop!
Pretty sleazy, huh?

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